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Acceptance Letters from Scopus index JournalsDpwnload
Analysis Of The Intersectoral Impact Of Economic Growth And Income Inequality On Poverty Levels In IndonesiaDpwnload
Integration of TPACK Model in Islamic Religious Education Curriculum: Analysis of Readiness and BarriersDpwnload
The Development of Religious Studies in the Modern and Postmodern Era: A Critical Analysis of the Transformation of the Theological ParadigmDpwnload
Andragogy In The Story Of Musa 'Alaihissalam With His People (Study Of Surah Al-Baqarah 67-74 In Tafsir Al-Azhar Buya Hamka And Tafsir At Tanwir Muhammadiyah)
Intercultural communicative development at profiled schoolsDpwnload
Effects of Intellectual Capital and Ownership Structure on Financial Outcomes and Distribution Dynamics in Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)Dpwnload
Analysis of Errors in Reading English Academic Texts: A New Approach for University StudentsDpwnload
Significance of Maqashid Sharia in the Development of Islamic Marketing Mix ConceptsDpwnload
Sdgs in Language Teaching: to What Extent Indonesian Researchers Respond? Scientific Procedures and Rationales (Spar) Systematic Literature Review.Dpwnload
Life Skills Curriculum at SMK Askhabul Kahfi: Integration of Islamic Competencies and Industry NeedsDpwnload
Strategies for Strengthening Islamic Cooperatives through Improving Sharia-Based Management Performance: Case Study at KSPPS Surya Utama NusantaraDpwnload
Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Post-Acquisition Organizational Culture Integration (2017-2022): Trends and Future Research DirectionsDpwnload
Enhancing Public Service through Optimized Organizational Communication: A Case Study of the REGIDENT System at the South Sulawesi Traffic DirectorateDpwnload
Implementation Of The School Literacy Movement At Sdn Margorejo Iii Surabaya: Analysis And RecommendationsDpwnload
Measurement and Evaluation of Elementary School Students' Abilities through Developing Mathematical Story Problem Test InstrumentsDpwnload
Barriers To Compliance With The Personal Data Protection Law In Indonesia: The Role Of Regulators And Supervisory InstitutionsDpwnload
Narratives in Online Testimonials: Uncovering Their Influence on Purchasing Decisions of MSME Products in Indonesian MarketplacesDpwnload
Use of Educational Technology for Skill Development and Student Knowledge RetentionDpwnload
Middle School Students' Proficiency in Solving Ill-Structured Problems with Scenario-Based Assessments: A Case StudyDpwnload
Impact of In-Kind Benefits on Tax Efficiency: A Case Study of PT Kurnia Luwuk SejatiDpwnload
Leveraging Social Issues In Writing Practices: Will Metacognitive Strategy Help University Students’ Critical LiteracyDpwnload
Exploring the teacher’s speech act variety and functions in EFL classroom interaction: A case studyDpwnload
Management And Sustainable Development In Society Era 5.0 In Muhammadiah SchoolDpwnload
Integrating Character Education And Peer Dynamics To Cultivate Entrepreneurship In Islamic Boarding School StudentsDpwnload
Holistic Land Use Planning For Future Water Availability In The Context Of Environmental Law (Law No. 32 Of 2009 Concerning Environmental Protection And Management)Dpwnload
Safety For Women In The Workplaces: The Most Important Agenda SettingDpwnload