How to fast Scopus Index their Research Articles

6 Steps to find Missing Documents

  1. open the and then Type In Google ” Missing Documents in Scopus”
  2. Go to and then click on Question Mark then click on contact Us. then you click on third Pont “
  3. How do I request to add a missing document?
  4. How can I add missing citations?

    Last updated on May 30, 2022

    Citations can be missing for several reasons:

    • Citing or cited documents are missing in Scopus (see Missing Content)
    • Documents are in Scopus, but are incorrectly linked


    Follow these steps to request citation corrections:

    1. Open a web form.
    2. Select your role.
    3. In the ‘Contact reason’ drop-down, select ‘Citation Corrections’.
    4. Provide the information on both the citing and cited articles in the ‘Your question’ box using the format indicated on the webform.
    5. Enter your contact details and click ‘Send your question’.
  5. First See this point ” How can I add missing citations?


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